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How does COVID-19 impact business valuations moving forward?

COVID-19 has changed everything. Before March 2020, we used to wake up, get dressed and drop the kids off at school on our way to work without much thought about anything else. We would open up our stores with a smile and welcome customers in for business as usual And now that all looks very different., COVID-19 has shut down many of us from doing what we do best – running businesses while providing people jobs The impact is really tangible here: because so few can afford it anymore, both sales revenues have plummeted dramatically

The change stemming from COVID-19 is happening everywhere–and not just where you might expect It’s affecting every aspect of life too That means things like getting your children ready for school or going into.

The COVID-19 Crisis has had a severe impact on every business. As businesses tried to stay afloat, they got creative fast – making the decision that customers preferred items delivered or picked up at their car (something many never considered before). For some companies this was an entirely new concept just 10 months ago! This same trend can be seen in valuations of businesses as well; it’s clear how one values their company has completely shifted after 2020.

COVID-19 has created an investment opportunity for businesses. Investors looking to purchase a business are no longer interested in the past success of that company, but instead on how they have fared since COVID-19 hit and what their future plans might be. There is now more interest with investing into companies who were able to stay afloat through this tough time period as these types of companies will likely continue to grow despite any external market conditions moving forward.

The impact from COVID 19 means investors want less information about your past than ever before and would much rather know what you’ve been doing post crisis; How did your business survive? What changes did you make after it happened? And most importantly -what’s next?

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