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How much can I sell my business for?

It has been found that the majority of businesses sell for somewhere between 2 to 3 times seller’s discretionary earnings. This is a very important factor in determining what your business will be worth, so it should not be ignored!

It can take some work and research to get an idea of how much you company would go for on average, but there are places online where people post their own experiences selling or buying companies like yours.

There are several different ways that can determine the market value of your business. One way is to calculate the assets and inventory, while another is to compare current revenue or profits with past sales figures in order for you find out what a comparable company might be worth. Another method would simply multiply earnings per share by number of shares outstanding plus any treasury stock – this will help give an idea as to how much capitalization there was obtained through issuing common stocks at a given point in time. Whichever formulae one may choose from, they all provide insight into determining listing prices after assessing valuation information about their respective companies.

There are many methods for finding out how valuable your business really is based on either current revenues and profit levels compared against historical data.

The best way to price your property is within the market. If it’s too high, buyers will think you’re unreasonable and won’t make an offer; if its below-market value, potential buyers may question whether or not your listing has any legitimacy because they assume that something being “too good to be true” must have a catch. A happy medium between these two extremes is what leads business quickly selling for profitably.

Transworld Business Advisors come with expertise in all thing business-related, they can help your company sell at its most optimal value and get out from under any lingering issues that have been holding it back.

Transworld is a well respected name when it comes to selling businesses on behalf of companies looking to move forward with new endeavors or who need more time to focus their efforts elsewhere while allowing someone else handle everything related to keeping the status quo intact.

Sell Your Business at the Best Possible Price

We understand that selling your business can be risky. You need to get the best possible price for the business you worked so hard to build, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and consideration. Transworld Business Advisors’ will help handle all the complexities of selling your business for the highest possible price, so that you can devote more of your time and energy on improving and further growing your company.

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Before you decide on selling your company, you owe it to yourself to call Transworld Business Advisors. There is no obligation, just a confidential conversation about how to sell your company and how much it is worth, now and in the future!

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