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How does COVID-19 impact business valuations?

COVID-19 has affected everything. Before March 2020, we used to wake up, get dressed and drop the kids off at school on the way to work without much thought about anything else. We would open up our stores, turn on the lights, and greet customers with a smile and a wave for most of that time while COVID ran its course in some other part of America or Canada until it was brought under control by vaccines manufactured overseas before making their way into quarantine locations across North America where they were administered en masse as quickly as possible so people could return back home from these places more easily than if they had remained still after April 2029 when this pandemic finally came to an end but did not leave such devastation behind unlike what happened.

COVID-19 has completely changed everything. To stay afloat, business owners in every industry had to get creative fast. With an inability to leave homes or reduce their exposure to other people, customers prefer having items delivered and the option for curbside pick up over going into a store where there is always someone else with them who could be infected – even if that person didn’t know they were sick yet themselves! For many businesses these options were foreign concepts mere 10 months ago before COVID-19 but now are more popular than ever thanks largely due of course because it’s safer not only for you as the consumer but also your employees too: no one wants anyone near them when we don’t need any additional risks added on top of what already exists.

So, how does COVID-19 impact business valuations? To put it simply, determining the value of a business now has much less to do with the past and much more to do with future. Investors and prospective buyers understand profit margins are going to be lower in 2020 than previous years. The interest is on whether or not you adapted well enough during this time period that will set your company apart from others who did not adapt themselves as quickly for their customers needs when they need them most.

The answer revolves around what steps were taken by businesses have helped them survive following COVID-19 such as creating new products/services which met customer demands at precisely the right moment rather then focusing so heavily on current profits due to low turnover rates caused.

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